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Sports & Recreation

The Municipality of Callander encourages sports teams and organizations looking for locations to host community sports to consider our athletic areas! For more information on the facilities available, please visit our Parks & Facilities page.


Callander’s slogan “Four Seasons of Reasons” says it all! The community is surrounded by water, fields, parks and trails; the ideal setting for sports and recreational activities throughout the year.  

Popular winter activities include ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and skating. Spring and fall offer great times for hunters, anglers and golfers, not to mention enticing vistas for photo enthusiast and artists. In summer, residents and visitors enjoy the many benefits of being on a large lake.

Splash Pad

The perfect destination for a hot summer day! Located in Centennial Park, in the heart of Callander, the splash pad is open daily during the summer months. In the midst of beach, swings, playgrounds, washrooms, bike-fix station and nearby parking, it’s an entertaining meeting place filled with frisky activity. Here’s where young girls and boys “run off steam” or have a snack in the shade of a tree. Here’s where adults catch up with friends, relax with a book, or try the outdoor exercise equipment. The Callander splash pad is a haven for families from around the region.

Parks and playgrounds

Among Callander’s many parks overlooking Lake Nipissing, Centennial Park is the most prominent of them all. Equally accommodating for activity and relaxation, it’s the community’s prime outdoor gathering place for all ages. Located at a stone’s throw from the downtown core, Centennial Park features a splash pad, beach, play and exercise equipment and a sheltered gazebo for picnics. The gazebo is available for rent and houses many birthday parties and gatherings during the summer months.

Other Callander parks include Memory Tree Park, on Main Street South, and Veteran’s Ridge, located across from Centennial Park.


Trans Canada Trail and Voyageur Cycling Route go through Callander and give bikers, snowmobilers and other outdoor enthusiasts golden opportunities to discover by foot, on wheels or skis. Biking from North Bay’s waterfront to Callander’s Centennial Park takes less than an hour, along flat and tree-flanked Kate Pace Way. Continue the ride through Callander’s bike-friendly downtown for a fun way to explore the community. Make sure to include a stop at a local restaurant, and at Callander’s Museum, a certified bicyle-friendly location. For a “just right” Sunday ride or hike with the family, try Cranberry Trail. Located off Kate Pace Way, the straight graveled trail takes visitors through marshland and lush greenery to one of Lake Nipissing most beautiful vantage points. Don’t forget the picnic basket!

Snowmobilers access the community most easily through Lake Nipissing. The ride from North Bay takes less than 30 minutes. Snowmobiling is allowed on all Callander roads, so it is easy to get around in the community. Gas pump, restaurants and connecting trails can be reached without getting off the machine!

For maps and more information about Callander trails, please visit

For three easy bike excursions starting in Callander, please see the enclosed maps:



So much of Callander’s attraction has to do with water! The community is home to the North Bay Yacht Club and a popular destination for boat owners in the area. It is also a favourite place to enjoy the splendor of Callander Bay, trumpet swans and bird life included. Free day-time mooring greets visitors at the Municipal Dock, which is also the location of one of two municipal boat launch ramps. The second ramp is located at the north end of Centennial Park.


Winter activities

Popular outdoor winter activities include ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and skating.  The schedule for public skating at the Barber Arena and South Shore Community Centre is posted on the Municipal website every winter season. 

The community adopted an Active Transportation Plan in 2013, outlining principles for fulfilling the vision of Callander as a healthy, engaged and active community.

The My Callander Cares Community Survey identified Callander’s residents as a generally active population, who engage in locally available recreational activities and facilities.

Parks and Facilities

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