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Animal Control

Please select "New Registration" unless replacing a lost tag. 

We are pleased to announce that Animal Tags, Open-Air Buring Permits(aka Fire Permit), and Garbage Bag Tags can be purchased online directly through our website.

Online purchases can be made using visa, Mastercard, or Interac Online banking.

As an alternative to purchasing online, please note that services can also be purchased directly at the Municipal Office.

If you need any assistance, you can contact us at 705-752-1410 x221.

The Municipality of Callander regulates the licencing and control of dogs and cats within the Municipality.

All dog and cat owners are required to register and obtain tags for their dogs and cats within fifteen days of becoming the owner, or within fifteen days of becoming a resident of the municipality. The tags are valid for the period of one calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st) and must be renewed annually.  Tags must be kept on the dog or cat for which they were issued at all times, except for while a dog is being lawfully used for hunting in the bush. Tags may be obtained from the Municipal Office or the Animal Control Officer.

Important Update: 2024 Pet Registration Changes

Starting in 2024, we're introducing "lifetime" animal tags at $45 for altered and $55 for unaltered pets, eliminating the need for annual renewals. To support our transition to lifetime tags, annual tags will be offered for the 2024 year only. If you prefer the annual tag, simply contact us. We believe this change offers convenience and flexibility for our residents and their furry friends.

The costs for tags are:

Dog or Cat - spayed or neutered  (each) $45.00
Dog or Cat - NOT spayed or neutered  (each) $55.00
Replacement Tag $10.00


Owners of dogs and cats in the Municipality of Callander must follow ensure that their animals are kept under control as follows:

  • Owners shall not permit dogs or cats to run at large.
  • Dogs and cats must be on a leash of no longer than 2 metres (6 feet) while on municipal property.
  • Owners or the person in control of a dog or cat are required to clean up any excrement deposited by the animal.
  • Owners shall not allow their pets in any public designated swim area.

If you see a dog running loose, Callander has retained an Animal Control Officer for the retrieval of animals at large.  The Animal Control Officer is Sandy Briggs, who can be contacted at 705-724-2676 (Powassan). 

For other matters related to the enforcement of the animal control by-law, please contact the Municipality of Callander’s By-law Enforcement Officer, Brent Trach, at 705-752-1410 ext. 233.


For More Details: Please see the Animal Control By-law.