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Adults - $5.50
Seniors (60+)- $5.00

Students (13-18) - $5.00
Family (2 adults and 1 dependent) - $15.00
Group Rates (15 people or more) - $3.50      


Mission Statement

The Callander Bay Heritage Museum (CBHM) is a non-profit institution, exempt from federal and provincial income tax, existing on a permanent and regular basis. It has been established to tell the cultural and natural heritage of the settlement and development of the Municipality of Callander (previously known as the Township of North Himsworth until 2003), and the immediate area from 1875. The CBHM shall be concerned in the efforts to continue the gathering of current archival information for its future generations. The Culture and Heritage Group will ensure the governing body (being the Corp. of the Municipality of Callander) and the community that it shall;

  • Collect, and continue to enrich the collection. It will ensure that the majority of artifacts be the property of the CBHM. It shall safeguard and hold the collection and archival material in trust on behalf of society.
  • Ensure the conservation and maintenance of its collection using the standard methods set out by the Ministry of Culture and practices of the Canadian Conservation Institute.
  • Exhibits will be selected to help people understand, study, enjoy, and experience the past. Exhibitions shall be displayed without any limitation arising from the nature of the governing body or its territorial character.
  • Analyze, interpret and relate its collection to reflect diverse views, yet allows for the sensitivity of the populace.
  • Ensure the proper maintenance of its collection by supporting personnel through Museology research, education and training.
  • Ensure ongoing research and the dissemination of the researched material.
  • Seek and allocate financial resources sufficient to operate the museum effectively.
  • Authorize, on Board approval, the community’s non-profit organizations access to the museum’s facilities to display their complementary activities and events.


See our 2020 - 2022 Strategic Plan here!  


Culture and Heritage Group

Lucian Masson, Chair
Garry Besserer, Member
Christine Bretherik, Member
Linda Alkins, Member
Natasha Wiatr, Curator
Mike Dell, Council Rep

Regular monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 3:30pm in Council Chambers at 280 Main Street North at the Municipal Office.


Please see the notice of the meeting here.