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"2024: A Space ART-yssey" - Multiple Artists

Houston, We Have An Art Show!
On July 20, art lovers and space enthusiasts alike will converge at the Alex Dufresne Gallery in Callander for a one-of-a-kind experience that promises to transport attendees beyond the confines of Earth. This innovative art show, “2024: A Space Art-yssey” will showcase the otherworldy talents of multiple artists who have drawn inspiration from the vast expanse of outer space. “The exhibition aims to blend the boundaries between art and science, inviting visitors to embark on a cosmic journey through a diverse array of mediums and styles. Each piece on display is a testament to the boundless creativity of the human spirit,” says Curator Natasha Wiatr.
Earlier this year the Gallery put out a call for submissions for the show and received over 30 requests to participate within only a few days making it the fastest filled open call art show in the gallery’s 18 year history. Many of the artists are newcomers to the gallery having never shown their works publicly before.
In addition to the visual art, the show will feature two presentations from members of the North Bay Astronomy Club. Bob Chapman will discuss “The Life of A Star” on Thursday July 25 at 1pm, while Dave Roscoe will present on the “Messier Objects” (any object in space that is not a comet, there have been 110 discoveries of them) on Thursday August 8th at 1pm. These presentations are free and will take us beyond the walls of the gallery and into the unknowns of the universe.
We hope you will join us on Saturday July 20th between 2 and 4pm as we celebrate the opening of the show and the wonders of outer space. There will be light refreshments and free museum admission with many of the artists being present on site. The galley is located in the same building as the Callander Museum at 107 Lansdowne St. E. For more information email us at museum@callander.caor call us at 705-752-2282. The show will remain on display until August 10th and the gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10-5pm.

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