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Road Updates

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Report a Road Issue

If your situation is urgent, you can call us 24 hours a day at (705) 752-1010 and leave a message as that voicemail is checked regularly.

Please Note: The Municipality of Callander is not responsible for road maintenance issues that arise on Provincial Highways, including Highway 11, Highway 94 and Highway 654. The form, above, specifically relates to road concerns within the Municipality of Callander.


Road Construction Maintenance

The Municipality of Callander is responsible for the maintenance of roads, comprised of paved, surface treated and gravel surfaces. The annual road maintenance program includes:


Litter Control

Illegal dumping is commonly found in the Municipality’s rural areas, vacant lots and roadside. Most illegal dumping is done to avoid either fees at recycling centers or the time and effort required for proper disposal.

Illegal dumping of residual waste is more than just an annoyance or an inconvenient eyesore; it unnecessarily costs ratepayers money.

Area residents are urged to report anyone suspected of illegally dumping waste material to the Municipal By-law Officer or by calling North Bay Police.


Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is a rehabilitation method used to keep excess water or moisture from penetrating asphalt and to prevent further cracking and deterioration of our paved roads. Crack sealing is scheduled to be completed throughout the summer construction season from approximately June to August of each year.


Brushing & Mowing

Trees, brush, and grass growing in municipal road allowances may reduce visibility at intersections, block traffic signs, and create snow drifts. The Municipality completes an annual brushing and mowing program to remove these driver hazards.


Spring Sweeping

Spring sweeping removes the loose gravel, mud, and various other materials from Callander’s roads which have accumulated over the winter months. The Municipality begins sweeping as soon as weather and road conditions permit, typically in late May and the program typically runs for four to six weeks.


Culvert Upgrades and Repairs

Culverts serve an important function in the management of water flow in Callander. They are typically built under roads, approaches, highways, structures, or pathways to prevent runoff and allow the movement of water underneath.

The Municipality of Callander routinely inspects and repairs damaged culverts. In recent years, Callander has upgraded the diameter of select culverts to improve stormwater management and reduce flooding issues in some areas.

While most culverts needing repair or replacement are identified by Operations staff, residents can also report a problem if they notice excess water build-up on their property or in their ditches.


Snow Control

The Municipality of Callander maintains all public road right-of-ways within the Municipality, excluding provincial highways. Part of Callander’s winter road maintenance program includes snow and ice control to ensure the safety of residents and travelers.

Routes are prioritized by road classification, in accordance with the Maintenance Standards as set out by the Province of Ontario.


Driveways & Approaches

The Municipality of Callander allows property owners to establish new driveway approaches or entrances, or to modify existing ones so residents can park on their own property. Landowners must obtain permission from the Municipality’s Operations department to:

For driveways and approaches that are not part of a subdivision request, please submit an Entrance Permit Application (PDF). The completed application form can be returned to:

Municipality of Callander
100 Nipissing Street
Callander, ON
Attention: Operations Department

All new and upgraded approaches locations must be inspected by the Municipality in advance and at the completion stage to ensure that municipal standards are followed.


Road Occupancy & Road Cuts

The public road allowance is a shared space used to deliver services and public utilities while allowing controlled access to adjacent properties. Callander is required to coordinate activities to ensure public safety, reduce public impact and protect Municipal assets from damage and reduce liability. Therefore, all homeowners, contractors and businesses doing work or other activities which require temporary occupancy of a municipal road, sidewalk, boulevard or right-of-way beyond its intended use require prior municipal knowledge and approval.

It is the responsibility of any resident, business or contractor to apply for a road occupancy permit prior to occupancy. 

These activities include:

Road Occupancy Permit Application Package