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Virtual Tour

You can now check out our museum virtually! Just click this link and you can browse through our various exhibit rooms and check out our artifacts - all from the comfort of your own home!

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Online Collection

Do you like looking at photographs of old artifacts, documents or photographs? Then check out our newly accessible online
collection! You can browse over 800 images related to Callander, the surrounding area and the Dionne Quintuplets all with just a click of a button. New images added weekly!

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School/Tour Bookings

The museum, as well as the art gallery, provides tours for school groups, bus tours, or other special interest groups. We can focus the tour on a specific aspect of the museum, or it can be “self-guided” and our staff will provide support and answer any questions. We always encourage the group to wander through the gallery as well to view the current art exhibit.

The museum offers guided tours for groups of 15 or more. If you and your group are interested in having a tour of the museum, please contact the museum during our hours of operation.

For school groups, we will work with the teacher to incorporate aspects of our museum, or gallery, into the current Ontario curriculum and reflect upon topics that are currently being studied in class. We welcome elementary, secondary, and post-secondary groups to our institution.

Focuses can include:

  • Art: elements and principles of design; potential bookings for artist talks or workshops; analyzing artwork
    History: story of the Dionne Quintuplets and the impact on our region; logging and lumber industry; shipping industry; analyzing historical photos; museum quiz
  • We are currently in the midst of evolving our educational programming. Please check back for updates, or email us at or call us 705-752-2282 if you would like to discuss collaborating on a program.


Gift Shop

Our museum and gallery gift shop has a great variety of books, postcards, clothing and more! Check out what we have to offer below!

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  • Callander Apparel
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Donating Artefacts to the Callander Bay Heritage Museum

From Section A of our Collection’s Policy:
The Callander Bay Heritage Museum collects objects, photographs, printed and audio-visual material pertaining to the history of the Corporation of the Municipality of Callander and surrounding areas, in accordance with its Statement of Purpose and Statement of Commemorative Purpose. The collection is physically recorded for the purpose of documentation, preservation, research, exhibition and interpretation for all generations.

Statement of Commemorative Purpose:

Callander, Ontario, in which the Callander Bay Heritage Museum is located, is a place of national and international significance due to the birth of the Dionne Quintuplets and their physician, Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe.

The Callander Bay Heritage Museum’s Board of Directors will be devoted to spreading the significant tale of the Dionne Quintuplet phenomenon of its time by instructing:

  • as many Canadians as possible to know that Callander and the Museum is of national historic significance because of its importance politically and socially during the 1930’s;
  • as many Canadians as possible to know that the museum is the former home and practice of Dr. A.R. Dafoe; that it is in its original location, and that the building is, and will be, maintained in its original architectural state.

The Callander Bay Heritage Museum’s Board of Directors and staff is dedicated to:

  • the continual research of local historical events and the promotion of this information to the residents of the Township of North Himsworth and its surrounding areas.

Do you have any artefacts or photographs with relation to the history of Callander, Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe, or the Dionne quintuplets that you are looking to donate? We would be happy to speak with you! Please give us a call at 705-752-2282 ext. 502 or send us an email at