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Press Release: 2023 General Ratepayers and Water and Wastewater Budget

Posted March 16th 2023
For Immediate Release – March 16, 2023
RE: 2023 General Ratepayers and Water and Wastewater Budget
Setting of Tax and Water/Sewer Rates
General Ratepayers Budget, Tax Ratios and Tax Rates
Following community consultation and multiple discussions around the Council table, the Municipality of Callander adopted the 2023 budget on February 14, 2023, and as of Tuesday, March 14, 2023, has officially set the 2023 tax rates.
The COVID-19 Pandemic has put a tremendous strain on the supply of materials and equipment. Labour shortages have exacerbated the situation, by also impacting costs associated with major projects. Operationally, the Municipality has also been impacted by increased gas prices, which have soared over 20% from last year, heat and hydro have also increased substantially. Not surprising, the cost of delivering the services that Callander expects, has resulted in a need for additional revenue.
Provincial and federal grants as well as allocated funds remained relatively unchanged this year, and because of the Municipality’s slower building season, there was only an additional $30,000 attributed as revenue, resulting from a $4,250,700 in increased assessment between 2022 and 2023. Upon direction from the Province, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) has deferred the 2020 assessment for three years now, which has also played a major contributing factor in the tax rate increase. Property values everywhere in Ontario have increased however the Municipality continues to apply the tax rate to the 2016 assessed value of properties.
In 2022, several plans were also adopted by Council, including the implementation of the capital asset management plan, and the creation of a Waterfront and Downtown 10-Year Capital Project Plan and a 10-Year Facility Maintenance Plan. These plans require a dedicated amount of funds in order to reduce the tax burden in future years and ensure that the Municipality is being fiscally responsible to not only repair the existing assets, but invest in the Municipality’s vision, to make it become a reality.
To reduce the burden on the taxpayers, funds were pulled from reserves, resulting in a total impact of $203,013 in 2023. The taxation change is an increase of 7.611392%. More information regarding the budget, and the list of major projects, can be found at
Water and Sewer Rates
Council has also passed on February 28th, 2023, the recommended increase of 2.1% in the water and wastewater rate, as per the accepted Water Financial Plan that was completed in May 2020. The current budget has two major projects scheduled for 2023, including $100,000 for lift station no. 4, which involves replacing an obsolete pump panel and $100,000 in IT infrastructure to install antennas on the water tower to read water meters automatically.
For more information on the Municipality’s budget and how to become involved in the development of the 2024 budget, please feel free to contact the municipality at or by calling 705-752-1410.