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John Davis Community Spirit Award Winner 2020

John Davis Community Spirit Award Winner

John Davis of the Municipality of Callander’s Recreation Committee is the recipient of the 2020 Community Spirit Award. He was acknowledged at a Council meeting in Callander on Tuesday.

John Davis has been involved in the planning and implementation of many community events in Callander during the last two years, including FunFest, Family Board Games Meetings and Halloween.

He was the main point of contact for the FunFest Parade last year and played a key role in the implementation of last year’s Halloween event.

Within the Recreation Committee, he is known for his large contact network and for “always having great ideas that are different and offer more options at events”.  

The Municipality of Callander’s Community Spirit Award is presented every year to acknowledge a Callander resident who has made a significant personal commitment to the Municipality either by their time, effort, knowledge, resources, leadership, initiative or creativity.

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations this year!


Posted: August 27, 2020