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With the dry conditions, we are currently experiencing, there have been several wildland fires already in northeastern Ontario. Some of those fires are close to home. Small fires can escalate and get out of control very quickly. Please be very cautious with fire.

This is what you can do to prevent wildfires:

• Only start your fire two hours prior to sunset and make sure it is completely out two hours after sunrise. In other words, daytime burning is not permitted.

• Set your fire in a safe location away from structures, combustible materials, and/or vegetation.

• Ensure that you have adequate resources, placed near the fire, to ensure that you can keep the fire under control.

• Make sure that there is a responsible person always supervising the fire. If the fire cannot be supervised, then completely extinguish the fire.

• Pay attention to wind speed and direction. If the smoke, from the fire is impacting your neighbours, then you need to completely extinguish the fire.

• Always completely extinguish the fire. Ensure that there are no embers in your firepit.


Please refer to the Open-Air By-law 2015-1446 for all the regulations -

Thank you and please stay fire safe,

Todd Daley

Fire Chief, CEMC



Fire rating has been reduced to moderate


Updated 20 May, 2022: 10:16am