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Waste Management

IMPORTANT: View the New Municipal Waste Management By-Law Click Here

It is in the best interests of all residents in Callander to contribute to the success of our Waste Management programs. The cost of maintaining these services – through service contracts with (1) Miller Waste (for pickup services) and (2) the City of North Bay (for processing services) – impacts on our annual Municipal budgets. Managing these programs effectively helps keep those annual costs within reason.

All waste material collected in, or coming from, Callander is handled under separate service agreements between the Municipality of Callander and (1) Miller Waste (for pickup services) and (2) the City of North Bay (for processing services). This waste material is broken down into three separate streams:

  • Household Waste – picked up weekly
  • Recyclables – picked up every two weeks
  • Hazardous Wastes – accepted at the Hazardous Waste Depot in North Bay

The City of North Bay has been receiving and processing household waste from Callander at its Merrick  Landfill Site under an agreement with the Municipality of Callander since 1982. In recent years, this agreement was amended to include the acceptance and processing of Recyclable and Hazardous Waste Materials through the City’s Recycle and Hazardous Waste Depot on Patton Street in North Bay. The current agreement will be renewed for a 10-year term beginning in 2011.

The cost paid for this service each year is determined by several factors and increases annually to reflect changes in Callander’s population and waste volume. Waste volume is determined by weighing the waste brought into the Merrick Landfill Site on weigh scales at that location. Annual increases for this service increase Callander’s annual budget.

The cost of collecting household waste and having it processed at the Merrick Landfill Site can be minimized. For this reason, all Callander residents are urged to put all recyclable materials into their curb-side recycle bins. Click Here for a list of what is and is not recyclable.

All Callander residents are also encouraged to drop all hazardous waste materials off at the Hazardous Waste Depot on Patton Street, just off Seymour at Station Street, in North Bay. Click Here for more information on current hours of operation, how to get there, and a list of what the Depot takes in.