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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for Volunteer Community Groups

As soon as is practical upon taking office, or as otherwise required during the Term of Council, Council shall appoint members to Volunteer Community Groups in order to provide advisory and staffing support to Responsible Staff. These Community Groups shall report to Responsible Staff and shall be composed of individuals who shall provide advice and expertise within specific jurisdictions, and on particular issues, as defined within their respective Council-approved Objectives.  Council may appoint Council members to each of the Community Groups; however, these Council members shall be non-voting.  The Mayor is an ex-officio for all Community Groups.   All Community Groups shall be subject to Terms of Reference, which shall be effective upon approval by Council.

Composition of Volunteer Community Groups

  • Community Groups shall be established by Council as required, in consultation with the CAO.
  • Community Groups shall be comprised of individuals with expertise or knowledge relevant to the Objectives of a particular Community Group.   The criteria for each Community Group shall be established by Council. At a minimum, all Community Group members shall be of good moral character and shall provide a satisfactory Criminal Reference Check (including Vulnerable Sector Search if potentially working with children).
  • No one shall be appointed to a Community Group who does not meet this criteria or who otherwise does not comply with the application process established for a given Community Group.
  • All members of the Community Group shall sign a Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Agreement provided by the Municipality, in a form(s) acceptable to the CAO.  Any breach of this Agreement shall result in the immediate removal of the offending member from the Community Group.

Term of Appointment

  • The Term of any Community Group shall be no longer than the Term of Council appointing said Community Group.
  • The Term of a Community Group shall be as determined upon creation of the Community Group, and shall be no longer than as is required to meet its Objectives, and in any event, may not exceed the Term of Council appointing said Community Group.

Council Representation

  • The Mayor may choose to appoint a Council Liaison(s) to a Community Group; however, they shall be non-voting member(s).  Furthermore, Council Liaisons may not make any decisions on behalf of the Community Group nor by-pass the Responsible Staff with respect to Community Group initiatives.  The Mayor may also attend meetings in an “ex-officio” capacity.

Relationship of Community Group to Responsible Staff and Council

  • Community Groups shall meet regularly or as required in order to fulfill their Objectives.
  • The Chair(s) of the Community Group shall meet with respective Responsible Staff as required, and at least on a bi-monthly basis for longer term appointments.
  • Community Groups shall report ideas and recommendations to Responsible Staff, who will determine whether to investigate said ideas in order to prepare a Report to Council (“RTC”) through the applicable Executive Committee.  Responsible Staff shall respond to all Community Group recommendations.  If an initiative moves forward to the appropriate Executive Committee via Responsible Staff, then the Executive Committee Chairs shall determine whether the Recommendations will proceed to Council, will be sent to Staff for further consideration and preparation of an RTC, or will not proceed any further (as per standard procedures).
  • No actions may be taken by a Community Group member on behalf of the Municipality, nor shall any member of the Community Group hold himself or herself out as representing the Municipality, unless specifically authorized by Council Resolution, or under the direction and authority of Responsible Staff. Any actions resulting from Council approved projects shall be overseen and implemented by Staff at the direction of the CAO. Any breach of this requirement shall result in the immediate removal of the offending member from the Community Group.
  • Community Groups shall not have individual Budgets.  Recommendations for specific projects requiring taxpayer-funded expenditures will be subject to the annual budget process as established by Council and the CAO.

Rules of Procedure to be Followed by the Community Group

  • In general, each Community Group shall establish its own procedures at the direction of Responsible Staff.  Once established there procedures shall be made publicly available.


  • Unless otherwise specified, members are volunteers without compensation.