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Past Shows



“Creativity from the Right Hemisphere… Apparently” Works by Morgan Walker

MAY 11th – JUNE 22nd, 2019


“Painting Light” Works by Eleanor Mackey

MARCH 2nd – APRIL 20th, 2019

A Visit from the Grade 1/2 Class from M.T. Davidson Public School

JANUARY 26th – FEBRUARY 23rd, 2019
Back in the fall of 2018, the Grade 1/2 class came to the museum on a field trip. When they returned to their classroom, they drew a picture of what their favourite thing in the museum was, and we have framed these creative works in our gallery and have them on display!




Petit Noel “Exhibit & Sale”


Participating artists: Brian Chute, Jürgen Mohr, Marianne Vander Dussen, Midge Ravensdale, Brenda Andrews, Doreen Wood, Edna Scott, Norma Sanders, Sheila Hunter, Carol Ellis, Ingrid Bajewsky, Kimberley Hines, Susan Cardy, Joanne Collins, Irys Steblynsky, Nancy Coupland, Claire Domitric, Margaret Gaiser, Mary Lahaie, Arthur Ranney, Susan Fitzer, Linda Smith, Susanne Carr, Laurie Mantha, Beth Jackson, Joan Spears, Denise Ribson, Dianne Bailey Allen, Bronwen Quick, Marcel Blanchard, Albina Lavictoire, Janet Bourgeau, Lise King, Julie Patterson, Pauline Holenski, Mary Bon, Fran Hanover, Jackie Carter, Belle Kizell, Helen Whitehead, David Carlin, Lorraine Guillemette, Kasia Amborska, Lynda King, David Carlin, Rick Wade Cunnington, Chad Lynch, Paul Chivers, Jack Lockhart, and Sarah Carlin-Ball.

Special thanks to Isaac Paul Images ( for putting together this fantastic video of the reception!


Helen Whitehead “Diversity”


Rick Wade Cunnington “New Works”

JULY 8 – AUGUST 25, 2018


North Bay Art Association Spring Art Exhibition

MAY 5 – JUNE 23, 2018

Special thanks to Isaac Paul Images ( for putting together this fantastic video of the reception!

King’s Art World: “Art Is An Interpretation And Is Personal”

MARCH 3 – APRIL 21, 2018

Special thanks to Isaac Paul Images ( for putting together this fantastic video of the reception!

Petit Noel: “Exhibit & Sale”

NOVEMBER 18th – DECEMBER 16th, 2017

Artists: Jack Lockhart, Claire Domitric, Patricia Kirton-Bailey, Mary Ann Miners, Edna Scott, Denise Ribson, Molly Reeder, Marianne Vander Dussen, Brenda Lee Andrew, Lise King, Trevor Busch, Julie Patterson, Lorraine Guillemette, Sheila Hunter (Crawford), Laurie Mantha, Norma Sanders, Brian Chute, Jacqueline Currie, Janet Bourgeau, Nancy Coupland, Anne Pedersen, Patricia Bourdeau, Morgan Walker, Arthur Ranney, Jill Boschulte, Francine Noiseux, Joan Spears, Mary Lahaie, Irys Steblynsky, Bronwen Quick, Chad Lynch, Susanne Carr, Cosmo Ianiro, David Carlin, Dianne Bailey Allen, Doreen Wood, Beth Jackson, Emily Paul, Helen Whitehead, Pauline Holenski, Jürgen Mohr, Marc Buchanan, and Rick Wade Cunnington.


David Carlin – “50 Years in the Hole”

SEPTEMBER 9th – NOVEMBER 4th, 2017

We would like to acknowledge funding support for this exhibit from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.
Special thanks to Isaac Paul Images ( for putting together this fantastic video of the reception!

Let’s pARTy! – Canada 150

JULY 8th – AUGUST 19th, 2017

Artists: Marianne Vander Dussen, Margaret Pappoulas, Jürgen Mohr, Francine Noiseux, Jackie Carter, Trevor Busch, Jill Boschulte, Julie Patterson, Lise King, Margaret Cunningham, Jack Lockhart, Morgan Walker, Rick Wade Cunnington, Mary Lahaie, Arthur Ranney, Dianne Allen and Judith Ingwersen.

Jürgen Mohr – “New Works”

MAY 6th – JUNE 17th, 2017

We would like to acknowledge funding support for this exhibit from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.


Eric Euler – “Reveries”

MARCH 4th – APRIL 22nd, 2017

Petit Noel – “Exhibit & Sale”

NOVEMBER 19th – DECEMBER 17th, 2016

Artists: Dianne Allen, Trevor Busch, Susanne Carr, Brian Chute, Nancy Coupland, Claire Domitric, Lorraine Guillemette, Beth Jackson, Patricia Kirton-Bailey, Alyssa Marandola, Julie Patterson, Bronwen Quick, Arthur Ranney, Denise Ribson, Kathleen Ryan, Norma Sanders, June Stewart, Brent Trach, Marianne Vander Dussen and Doreen Wood.


Paul Walker – “Paintings You Could Step Into”

SEPTEMBER 10th – OCTOBER 22nd, 2016


 Rick Wade Cunnington – “Images of Paint”

JULY 9th – AUGUST 20th, 2016

IMG_1666 IMG_1661 IMG_1660 IMG_1659 IMG_1682 IMG_1681 IMG_1680 IMG_1679 IMG_1678 IMG_1677 IMG_1676 IMG_1674 IMG_1673 IMG_1672 IMG_1671 IMG_1670 Art Opening July 9 2016 IMG_1668 Rick Cunnington Poster JPEG

North Bay Art Association  -  “Spring Art Exhibition”

MAY 5th – JUNE 18th, 2016




 Margot Cormier Splane  -  “Pandora’s Trojan Horse; Exploring Issues Around Climate Change”

MARCH 5th – APRIL 16th, 2016





“Petit Noel -  Exhibit and Sale of ‘Petit’ Works of Art by Multiple Local Artists”

November 21st – December 19th, 2015






“Fungi, Faunae, and Frost” An Exhibition of Photography with Artists Kim Kitchen and Tracy Stricker

August 29th – October 24th, 2015





“It’s Real(ist) Art: an Exhibition of Realism with Multiple Artists”

July 4th – August 15th, 2015


                          Realist Show Poster



“Perception and Illusion: Finding Common Ground in Diverse Realities” – with artist Marjorie (Moonfire) Meister

May 2nd to June 20th, 2015





“Photography by Don Kervin”

March 7th to April 18th, 2015





“Petit Noel – 2014 – Arts and Crafts Show and Sale”

November 22nd to December 20th, 2014





“The con-struct of self” featuring Jackie Carter and Francine Noiseux

September 6th to October 25th, 2014


Francine Noiseux and Jackie Carter  Jackie Carter opens the show.  Francine Noiseux hosts the Medicine Wheel opening ceremony.  David Carlin works the Medicine Wheel !  Opening Reception  The Medicine Wheel cereomony at the Opening Reception  Jackie interprets some of her work.  "The con-struct of self" exhibition poster.



Almaguin Highlands Arts Council – Various Works

July 5th to August 23rd, 2014





ALL FIRED UP: An Exhibition of 5 Emerging Potters

May 3rd to June 21st, 2014


All Fired Up




PATCHWORK : A Collection of Quilts by Various Artists

March 15th to April 19th, 2014


PATCHWORK_Quilts_March_2014  PATCHWORK_Quilts_March_2014  PATCHWORK_Quilts_March_2014  PATCHWORK_Quilts_March_2014  PATCHWORK_Quilts_March_2014 PATCHWORK: A Collection of Quilts by Various Artists




Petit Noel

Our annual Art and Crafts – Show and Sale featuring local art works and artisan crafts for the Holiday Season!

November 16th  to  December 14th,  2013

  Pottery Artisans - Mary Lahaie and Julie Patterson  Petit Noel 2013 Exhibition  Petit Noel 2013 Exhibition  Petit Noel 2013 Exhibition   Petit Noel Exhibition - 2013



Amanda Burk & Rick Cunnington

With Brenda Andrew and Margaret Pappoulas Animals in the Wild September 7th to October 26th,  2013


Animals in the Wild Exhibition  Animals in the Wild - Rick Cunnington  Animals in the Wild - Amanda Burk & Rick Cunnington  Animals in the Wild - Margaret Pappoulas  Animals in the Wild - Brenda Andrew  Animals in the Wild Exhibition Poster



David Carlin

INTRANSIT July 6th to August 24th,  2013


INTRANSIT Exhibition - Opening Reception  INTRANSIT - Exhibition  INTRANSIT Exhibition - Opening Reception  INTRANSIT Exhibition - Opening Reception   David Carlin - INTRANSIT



Arthur Ranney

Northern Reflections May 11th to June 22nd,  2013


Northern Reflections Opening Reception  Northern Reflections Exhibition  Northern Reflections Exhibition  Northern Reflections Exhibition - Opening Reception   Arthur Ranney - Northern Reflections



David Carlin

Island Songs: Northern Myths September 8th to October 13th 2007 Canadian artist, David Carlin, lives in North Bay, Ontario with his wife, Judith. He maintains a studio on the south shore of Lake Nipissing. Carlin attended the Ontario College of Art where he admired the thoughtful works of Fred Hagan, the dramatic paintings of Tom LaPierre and the fine draughtsman ship of Eric Friefeld. In 1986, Carlin studied mural in Mexico, where he was strongly influenced by the experimentation, vibrant color use, along with the dynamic compositions and sculpture paintings of the Mexican artist and activist, David Alfaro Siquerios. The work in the past exhibition made use of a variety of media- ceramic sculptures and vessels, intaglio prints, block prints on a variety of papers and supports, watercolor and paintings which utilize acrylic, oil and encaustic on relief surfaces. His choice of medium require acts of forming, cutting, gouging and fire: acts which are in sympathy with his mythology and roots in the north. Carlin has a curiosity for, and is in awe of the mysteries of hills, rocks, water and the sky. Those mysteries are juxtaposed with human concerns about politics and society. The resulting works deal with his myths of change and beginnings and investigate the game of power with its resulting abuses.


lakespirit_davidcarlin hpim1941

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Arlie Hoffman

Portraits, Figures and Other Things May 10th to June 28th 2008 Although an admirer of all the media available to the visual artist, Arlie decided to work exclusively in oil painting for some twenty-five years. However, the dynamics of watercolor led him to a twelve year concentration of this medium to learn and to be challenged by its unique characteristics. Now working full-time on his artistic pursuits, Arlie continues to work in watercolor but has returned to oil painting again, working alternatively between the two media. It also has allowed him to the opportunity to teach and conduct workshops in watercolor and oil painting and, most recently, in photo image transfers. The northern landscape with wide vista horizons dominated Arlie’s work for many years, evolving into close-up details that he refers to as introspective landscapes. This exploration will continue, but a shift in interest to the human figure is significantly evident in this exhibit. Arlie resides in North Bay, Ontario, and has been Artist in Residence at the Capital Centre/W.K.P Kennedy Gallery and an Instructor at Canadore College’s Artsperience for the past five years.


arliehoffman1 arliehoffman2

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Mainly Prints

North Bay Art Association July 5th to August 29th, 2008 The Callander Bay Heritage Museum and Alex Dufresne Gallery presented Mainly Prints, an exhibition of works by members of the North Bay Art Association. We saw the works of over twenty local artists and learned about the ancient process of printmaking.


mp_exhibition mp_exhibtion



The Art of the Carousel

September 6th to Ocotober 31st, 2008 The Callander Bay Heritage Museum and Alex Dufresne Gallery presented The Art of the Carousel an exhibition of works by members of artists who have created North Bay’s Carousels. We saw the work of over fifty local artists.


hpim3382 aoc