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Operation Lookout

The Program


Operation Lookout is a public awareness campaign that focuses on encouraging the public to phone 9-1-1 or *OPP when they see a suspected impaired driver. One of the goals of the program is to enhance the reach of police in areas that do not normally have a strong police presence. With an increased public awareness and stronger police presence it is expected that the program will act as deterrent to potential impaired drivers by demonstrating increased likelihood of apprehension.

Below are some examples of the signs posted in participating Municipalities:

operationlookoutsign operationlookoutsign2

How To Spot An Impaired Driver:

Any suspicious driving behavior could be a sign of an impaired driver, for example:

  • Driving unreasonably fast or at inconsistent speeds.
  • Tailgating and changing lanes frequently at excessive speeds.
  • Passing with insufficient clearance, excessive swerving when overtaking and immediately slowing down.
  • “”Overshooting”" or disregarding traffic control signs or signals.
  • Approaching signals or leaving intersections too quickly or very slowly.
  • Driving at night without lights, or waiting to turn lights on when starting from a parked position.
  • Driving in low gear for no apparent reason or repeatedly clashing gears.
  • Driving with windows open in very cold weather.

Be Cautious if you see an Impaired Driver!

Always try to avoid creating a situation that is more dangerous than the one you are trying to prevent.