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April 10, 2019

Artefact: Dionne quintuplets guard clock
Accession Number: 2018.420.02

As their popularity increased, many people feared for the safety of the Dionne quintuplets and their fears were warranted – there were multiple failed kidnapping attempts throughout 1934 and 1935. In March 1935, the Ontario Provincial Police were brought in to guard the nursery 24/7, and a station was built at the entrance. The image to the bottom left shows the nursery to the right, and the guard station to the left. During their nightly rounds, the guards would bring a watchclock with them where, at various stations around the property, they would insert a key and “clock in” the time they were at that location. This ensured they were not sleeping on the job!

Originally on loan to us for our “Northern Coney Island” exhibit, the donor, Leonard Belsher, decided to permanently donate this unique artefact to our museum last spring, and we thank him for his generosity!

2018-420-02-quint-guard-clock-front 2018-420-02-quint-guard-clock-back-clasp-closed 2018-420-02-quint-guard-clock-bottom 2018-420-02-quint-guard-clock-inside 2018-420-02-quint-guard-clock-back-close-up-label