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Mme Legros

Mme. Elzire Dionne went into child labour on the night of May 28, 1934; her Aunt Mme. Douilda Legros, then 44 years of age, was called in to assist in the birth. As her labour continued it proved to be too much for just one mid-wife; Mme. Labelle, a neighbour and mid-wife was called in. Together they were touted as the ones who successfully brought the first three Dionne Quints into the world. Forever after, Mme. Legros would make a prosperous living for her part in this internationally known event.

Mmes. Legros and Labelle ran the “Midwives Pavilion” at the end of the ‘Quintland Laneway’ with Mme. Labelle in the kitchen making hot dogs and Mme. Legros running the store out front. Eventually, when the Dionne’s regained custody of the Quints they were no longer put on display and the Quintland site came to a quiet halt. Mmes. Legros and Labelle opened up another shop on Callander’s Main Street where they continued their souvenir shop and restaurant.






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