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Carload Grocery

Carload Grocery Callander Sam and Lena Butti early 1940s

 This location and the one next door have held a large number of businesses over the years.

 In 1915, there was a milliner’s shop (ladies hats), shown in a 1915 firefighter’s map of Callander.

 The buildings here were all destroyed in the Great Fire of Callander, Monday 21 April, 1931.  These included a meat and pastry shop with four billiard tables at the back operated by Homer Hurtubuise, a confectionary store and ice cream parlour operated by Sam Yerkie and a grocery store operated by Sam Butti.

 After the fire, the Carload Grocery was rebuilt and continued to be run by Sam and Lena Butti until it was sold to the Setchell’s in 1947.

 Since then, it has been Fannies, the Callander Grill operated by Joe Wilcox, and Blackall’s pool hall and restaurant.

Joe Wilcox in Callander Grill Store 1952

 Ben Bullock, who was Callander reeve from 1970 to 1987, had his store here for 30 years.

 Danny’s Meats occupied the site next door for many years, and was demolished only a few years ago – see photo below.

Danny's Meats

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