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Callander Dock Reconstruction


After Callander’s Dock was heavily damaged by a powerful storm in July 2006, portions of it were closed to the public for several years. A new plan was developed and funding applications were made to repair the dock.

It was discovered that the old break-wall was unsuitable for building on, so a new design was made featuring steel piles and framing, and a concrete & plank deck.

Crews worked through the cold winter of 2013-2014, driving the new piles down to bedrock. The deck frame and concrete were completed by late spring. The finishing touches were added through the summer and the official opening was held in early fall. The new Callander dock even features a covered pavilion out on the water!


Progress of the work through 2013-2014


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November 2013



December 2013

  Dec 2013_2  Dec 2013_3


January 2014



February 2014



March 2014



Early April 2014



Late April 2014



Early May 2014



Late May 2014



Concrete Deck Pour – courtesy Dave Dale, North Bay Nugget



Early June 2014



Mid June 2014



Late June 2014



Early July 2014



Late July 2014



August 2014



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