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Message from the Mayor

Once again I am honoured and privileged to serve as Mayor for this wonderful community.  I didn’t have the occasion to campaign in the last election but my role as Mayor often puts me front and center on issues, projects and plans that the Municipality is engaged in. In actuality, I have been campaigning more or less since first becoming Mayor some 18 years ago.There have been many wins in the past 18 years that we can all be proud of. 

We have built parks, walking trails, an all season’s facility in the Bill Barber complex, a dock and splash pad in addition to rehabilitating roads and bridges. We have prioritized our projects and planned our way forward with the development and implementation of our Downtown Waterfront Revitalization Strategy.    

Despite new challenges such as decreases in provincial funding, new legislative requirements and a need to balance infrastructure needs with service delivery, I am confident that this Council will move our Community forward while maintaining a balance between the delivery of services and taxes.  Increased communication with our constituents, engagement with business community, newcomers, developers and visionaries willing to invest in our community and public input will play a vital role in making this happen. 

I am confident with Councillors Linda Alkins, Jordy Carr, Robb Noon and Maurice Turgeon the right team is in place to move our collective ideas forward.  

Yours in Community Spirit, 

Hector D. Lavigne