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April 17 – 19, 2017 Ice Break Up On Callander Bay

Callander resident Donald Clysdale graciously supplied us with images of the annual ice break up on Callander Bay. He took these photos between April 16 and April 19. The pictures show the quick movement of the ice and how the bay can look drastically different in a short period of time. He also managed to snap a few shots of a beaver swimming in the open water between ice. There are also pictures of what is “candle ice”, which is a form of rotted ice. It forms in the spring when the frozen water bodies begin to melt. Large chunks break up into vertical fissured slices which are fragile enough to be pulled apart by hand. The waves on the bay pushed this ice up onto the shore where it collects in piles. The photos are shown in the order that they were taken, thanks Don!

This photo set was taken on April 17th, between 7:10pm and 8:18pm.

This photo set was taken on April 18th, between 8:50am and 6:36pm.

This photo set was taken on April 19th, between 8:39am and 8:40am.

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