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Hazardous Wastes

Household Hazardous Waste Depot

The Household Hazardous Waste Depot is located at 112 Patton Street, off Station Road (left) off Seymour in North Bay. The Depot is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

What is Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) are actually commercial products found in every home. In fact, the average home uses between 10-40 kg of hazardous products each year.

How do these chemicals get into our environment? Through many simple ways. They’re spread on lawns and gardens, dumped into garbage cans and landfills, hosed off driveways, washed into storm drains and sewers, flushed down toilets and sinks. It doesn’t matter how… sooner or later; they’ll end up in our environment.

Callander residents are encouraged to take their Household Hazardous Wastes to the Depot; FREE OF CHARGE (You may be asked for identification to verify that you are a Callander resident).

Safe Use of Hazardous Products

If you must use hazardous products, keep the following tips in mind to minimize your exposure to chemicals and potential danger to the environment:

  • Buy only what you need and give away what you do not use.
  • Share seldom used products.
  • Buy alternative products that are less hazardous.
  • Never mix products together.
  • Read product labels and Use only as recommended (more is not better).
  • Choose products with child-resistant caps.
  • Safely store all hazardous materials out of reach of children, pets and wild animals.
  • Use products in a well ventilated area.
  • Never pour hazardous materials in storm drains or on the ground. It will flow into Callander Bay and contaminate our drinking water source.

Use Alternative Products

The following are the 5 basic ingredients for alternative household products:

  • Baking Soda is inexpensive to buy, and it cleans, deodorizes and softens water.
  • Pure Soap biodegrades (decomposes naturally) safely and completely.
  • White Vinegar helps remove grease and grime and deodorizes as well.
  • Borax cleans, disinfects and also helps to soften water.
  • Washing Soda cuts grease, disinfects and removes stains.

Electronic Wastes

Electronic gadgets of all kinds have been creeping into our homes over the years. As consumers, we are constantly encouraged through aggressive advertising to replace older products with new ones even when the old ones are still working just fine. In some cases, it makes economic sense to replace old with new as doing so can reduce our energy costs. It is easy to see how electronic waste is becoming one of Canada’s fastest growing trash types.

Electronic equipment may contain hazardous materials like heavy metals (lead, mercury and cadmium), and brominated flame retardants, not to mention several forms of plastic. If not disposed of properly, these toxic materials may be released into the environment where they will pose a health hazard to humans and wildlife.

The Hazardous Waste Depot wants your electronic waste. The Depot will take old televisions, hard drives, monitors, keyboards, printers, cordless tools, DVD and CD players, old VCRs, software, cell phones, pagers, scanners and other digital equipment.

Paint Re-use Program

The Paint Re-Use Program is a waste reduction – re-use program located at the Depot. Callander residents can save a trip to the hardware store and pick up good quality paint products – such as paint, stains, and varnishes – at the Depot.

Preparing wastes for safe & easy transport

  • All materials should be left in the original container to allow easy identification of the contents.
  • Wastes should be sealed & labeled and not mixed.
  • Bring all hazardous waste in a cardboard box or rigid container.
  • Collect household batteries in a small bag, plastic container or coffee can.

NOT ACCEPTABLE: PCBs, explosives, unidentifiable or pathological or radioactive waste.
ACCEPTABLE: Hazardous materials that should be taken to the Depot:

Aerosol cans Antifreeze Asphalt tar Auto trans fluid
Batteries/battery acid Brake fluid Bug & tar removers Car wax & polish
Degreasers Disinfectant Drain cleaner Dye
Engine flushes Flea collars Floor polish/stripper Fungicide
Wood polish/stripper Gasoline Glues Grease
Heating oil Herbicides Household cleansers Insecticides
Jewelry cleaner Kerosene Laundry stain remover Lighter fluid
Lubes Lye or caustic soda Metal polish Mothballs
Motor oil & waste oils Nail polish Oil filters Oven cleaner
Paint Paint & brush cleaner Paint & lacquer thinners Paint & varnish removers
Pesticides Photo chemicals Poisons Propane tanks (sm & lg)
Radiator flushes Rock salt Roofing tar Rust-proffers
Solvents Spot remover/cleaning fluid Stain Swimming pool chlorine
Syringe Turpentine Varnish Wood Preservative

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