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Finance Department

The finance department is responsible for the following areas:

  1. Budgeting (preparing, updating and reporting)
  2. Taxation (interim, final, supplemental tax bills, tax write offs, change in assessment, telephone inquiries and tax certificates)
  3. Water and Sewer Billings
  4. Accounts Payable
  5. Accounts Receivable
  6. Year End Financial Statements
  7. Payroll and Benefits
  8. Cash Receipting and Bank Deposits
  9. Grants and Tenders
  10. Purchasing and Material Management


Treasurer: Louise Rainville – Beauchesne, CPA CGA
(T) 705-752-1410 Ext. 223
(F) 705-752-3116

Disbursement & Finance Clerk:  Lilian Forbes
(T) 705-752-1410 Ext. 227
(F) 705-752-3116

Billing and Accounts Payable Clerk: Jamie Rutherford
(T) 705-752-1410 Ext. 226
(F) 705-752-3116

To contact any of the above by email, please use our Contact Form.

280 Main Street, North Office Hours:

Monday to Friday   8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


By-law 2018-1562 Water and Wastewater Rates for 2018

PAP 2018 Application Tax & Water Form