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Permits and Drawings

Chief Building Official

The Chief Building Official (CBO) administers the statutory duties prescribed in the Building Code Act. This is accomplished by working closely with both home owners and builders to ensure that the requirements of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) are being met in the community.

In addition to these duties the CBO administers the Property Standards By-law and certain aspects of the Zoning By-law. This department also enforces the Municipality’s Property Standards By-Law 2008-1099 addressing matters such as junk vehicles and substandard housing.

To file a Property Standards Complaint that the Property Standards Officer can act on an open a file with, the complaint needs to be filed on the approved Property Standards Form, completed in full, and signed by the complainant.  The Property Standards Officer cannot proceed with an Order against a property based on anonymous complaints.  The identity of the complainant shall remain anonymous, unless the matter proceeds to court, where the complainant may be summoned.  While we do appreciate the concerns of all residents in regards to local properties and their conditions, for action to be taken against a property, a valid, signed complaint on the approved form must be filed.