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Callander, Scotland

Callander Scotland was the inspiration for our municipality’s name; the original Callander is located in the beautiful Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park in central Scotland, an hour north from Glasgow.

The name Callander is supposed to be derived from the Gaelic name ‘calladh’ meaning ‘ferry’ or ‘the way leading to the ferry’. This refers to the ferry that crosses the River Teith. Another source suggests that it is named after the Barony of Callandar in Falkirk which at one time owned the old riverside village.

The history of the area is colourful with a legacy of feuds, battles, murders and legends going all the way back to the Romans. Real life hero and warrior, Rob Roy MacGregor, (who inspired the movie “”Rob Roy”" starring Liam Neeson & Jessica Lange) is a local legend.

Coincidentally, our community has a lot in common with our namesake. They have a population of approximately 3,000; their prime industry is tourism; they are situated close to a “”loch”" (lake) and they have great fishing!

Our municipality maintains ties with their community. In August of 2003, local residents Jack and Julie Tipler, visited Scotland and were given a special reception by Callander town council.