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Being Prepared

Official Document: Emergency Response Plan

The Municipality of Callander has an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in place. Developed by the Municipality’s Community Emergency Management Program Committee (CEMPC), this Plan provides key officials, departments and agencies with important emergency response information – such as the assignment of roles and responsibilities during an emergency – to ensure responses to community emergencies are well coordinated.

It is important that residents, businesses and interested visitors be aware of the Plan’s provisions. You can view the full document by clicking the PDF link under the heading at the top of this panel, and save or print a copy for future reference. Copies of Callander’s ERP may also be viewed at the Municipal Office. For more information, please contact , Fire Chief, at the Hoyt D. Wice Fire Station office in Callander, at (705) 752-2839.

Prepare your Survival Kit

In the event of an emergency, every person(s) should be prepared to take care of themselves and their families for up to three days. Make sure you prepare and maintain your Emergency Survival Kit with at least the following:

  • Flashlight with batteries,
  • Portable radio and batteries (or a crank radio),
  • More spare batteries,
  • First Aid Kit,
  • Candles and matches or a lighter,
  • Extra car keys and cash,
  • Important papers (copies) for identification purposes,
  • Food and bottled water,
  • Clothing and footwear,
  • Blankets or sleeping bags,
  • Toilet paper and other personal hygiene items,
  • Medications,
  • A whistle (to attract attention, if needed),
  • Playing cards and games (to pass the time).

For more information on being prepared for emergencies, visit Emergency Management Ontario.