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Parry Sound District Social Services

Toll Free: 1(800) 461-4464
Childcare Office: (705) 386-2967

  1. The Ontario Works Program provides financial and employment support to assist individuals with their basic needs and accommodation while focusing on the shortest possible route to paid employment. Financial assistance is provided to eligible persons who demonstrate need and satisfy the requirements to pursue and retain employment. We operate on the principals: respect of people’s dignity, enhancing self-esteem, fostering independence, self reliance and community contribution.
  2. We provide financial subsidy for parents to a wide variety of licensed and unlicensed programs in the District of Parry Sound. Childcare Services are provided to families through childcare centres, home childcare programs, services for special needs children and family drop in centres. Licensed childcare operators in the district are funded through service agreements based on parent fee subsidies and wage subsidies.
  3. The Housing Department owns, operates and provides services to 209 rent-geared-to-income housing units, administers 102 non-profit units and provides, subsidy to 40 units operated under federal operating agreements. They also currently administer 11 rent supplement programs. Rent supplement programs offer the advantage of providing affordable accommodation for lower-income families as well as the opportunity to become part of an income-integrated community. The owner is paid a rent supplement each month for the difference between the rent-geared-to-income payment by the tenant and the market rent charged for the unit. In order to make it easier for people to apply for non-profit and public housing, the housing department ensures that rent-geared-to-income housing is accessible to people in need by providing a district wide coordinated access system which has two components: a common waiting list and tenant selection process.
  4. Esprit Place Family Resource Centre offers emergency shelter and assistance for women and children in the District of Parry Sound who find themselves in crisis. Our counselors provide supportive counseling and information and advocacy which assist women in changing their lives and the lives of their children. All services and programs are voluntary, free of charge and confidential.