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Building Setbacks


When locating a structure on your property its placement is regulated by the Municipal Zoning By-law and related planning controls (i.e.: Site Plan Control By-Law). Setbacks exist for such things as buildings and septic systems, but do not exist for docks and free standing decks. Please check with the Municipality concerning setbacks applicable to the project you have in mind.

Impact or Importance

  • Zoning By-Laws set out precise regulations applicable to individual properties for uses of land, buildings and structures.
  • Setbacks establish minimum distances for buildings and structures to be set from property lines or from any lake or stream within close proximity to the property.
  • Special setbacks have been established for the Callander Bay watershed in the local Zoning and Site Plan Control By-Laws to help minimize the impact of development on the aquatic environment.
  • These setbacks assist in:
    1. maintaining separation from the lake or adjacent properties so that septage from septic systems does not have an easy path to the lake or on to neighbouring properties;
    2. allowing spaces for a vegetative buffer zone to exist, and
    3. improving the natural visage of the shoreline.
  • Difficulties in meeting these setbacks may result in an application for minor variance through the local Committee of Adjustment.

Regulations & Process

  • Minimum 30 metres (100 feet) setback (for principal buildings and septic systems) for Callander Bay/Lake Nipissing shoreline properties, from the high water mark.
  • Minimum 30 metres (100 feet) setback (for septic systems) from inflowing streams in the Callander Bay/Lake Nipissing watershed, from the high water mark.
  • Please check setbacks for placement of accessory buildings.
Municipality of Callander
Taylor Craig, Planning Administrator
705-752-2608 ext. 22


This information has been prepared as a guide only. Please contact the appropriate authorities prior to any works on your property to ensure that rules and regulations are interpreted appropriately for your individual circumstances.