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Site Planning

Site Plans and Control Agreements

A Site Plan – is a plan of your lot or property that shows what the site will look like when a proposed development is completed.

A Site Plan Control Agreement – is then made between the municipality and owner that the ‘work’ will be completed and maintained as per the site plan.

This agreement is registered on the title of your property and is binding on present and future property owners. Therefore, future building options should be included so that future changes and additions to the agreement are included and additional costs for re-registration are avoided.

Impacts or Importance

  • Site Planning causes the owner to think about specific details and to avoid potential problems with grading, erosion control, placement of vegetation and habitat replacement. Site Plans may specify restoration activities.
  • Everyone has an interest to see that lakefront and watershed properties are developed in accordance with “best practices” – environmentally, technically and visually.
  • Agreements are prerequisites to obtaining a building permit on Callander Bay/Lake Nipissing and will be a compliance condition for any local planning approval.


  • The owner is responsible for providing an accurate sketch of the property (8.5″”x14″” paper).
  • Do the final version in black ink. Show the drawing scale and direction of North.
  • Identify all roads, lakes, drainage ditches, underground services or natural features.
  • Identify all setbacks from the house and septic system from all property lines.
  • Provide legal description by lot, plan and parcel number as well as municipal address.
  • Identify all existing natural vegetation and flora, particularly within shoreline buffer areas.
  • Provide the original sketch plus 3 copies.


Your Site Plan should indicate, where applicable:

  • Building area foot print for all proposed and planned buildings with all exterior dimensions and building description, labelled as required. This includes docks, garages and accessory structures.
  • Front, rear and side yard setback distances.
  • Lot dimensions with lot number and those of adjacent lots.
  • Street name and width.
  • Sidewalks, if any, and all municipal service locations.
  • Proposed corner lot grades and other lot line spot grades as established on an approved grading plan where necessary;
  • Rear and front garage elevations, front door grade elevation where necessary.
  • Side line directional flow arrows with percentage of slope for each line shown.
  • Driveway slope arrow with percentage of slope where necessary.
  • All embankment details with the top and bottom embankment grades and maximum slope of embankments shown if available at the time. If not available, this information will be required for the building permit.
  • Septic bed location if on private services.
  • Regulatory floodplains and elevations.
  • 3 metre access corridor through vegetative buffer zone.
  • With a two story home include: a) the main finished floor, b) the top of the foundation, c) the basement finished floor and d) bottom off shooting elevations.
  • All elevations are required for the building permit.
  • Side elevations are not required for site plans.
Municipality of Callander 705-752-1410
North Bay District Ministry of Natural Resources 705-475-5550
North Bay – Mattawa Conservation Authority 705-474-5420

This information has been prepared as a guide only. Please contact the appropriate authorities prior to any works on your property to ensure that rules and regulations are interpreted appropriately for your individual circumstances.