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Living by the Water

After the last nail…

Living on waterfront property comes with many responsibilities. We must all do our part to ensure that our aquatic neighbourhood will remain a pleasant and healthy place after completing a construction or landscaping project. Callander Bay is our community’s drinking water source. It is particularly sensitive to, and adversely affected by, nutrient loading and accumulation of any pollutants.


  • Plan future projects with the environment in mind, and be sure to obtain all required permits.
  • Dispose of unused cleaning materials and paints in an environmentally friendly safe way – deliver to the City of North Bay’s seasonal Household Hazardous Waste depot, 112 Patton Rd., adjacent to The Station.
  • Increase the amount of vegetation all over your property, preferably using native species.
  • Take measures to prevent or halt erosion that will carry sediments or nutrients into Callander Bay and Lake Nipissing.
  • When you are boating, minimize your wake within 150 metres of the shoreline. Waves cause shoreline erosion that can disrupt wildlife habitat.
  • Make your property a wildlife sanctuary and take your lawn off chemicals. Please review the provincial ban on pesticides and herbicides.
  • Maintain your septic system in good working order. Please ensure you comply with By-law 2010-1210 – Septic Tank Pump-outs, which came into effect on January 1, 2011.
  • A faulty or leaking septic system can add disease-causing bacteria to the Bay which is our source of drinking water. It will also add unwanted nutrients to the lake contributing to algae blooms and unwanted changes to the ecology of the lake. If you suspect a problem, report it promptly to the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority. The law in this regard is very strict and repairs should proceed quickly.
  • Restore vegetation around a project promptly.
  • Garburator waste adds stress to a septic system. Compost kitchen wastes instead.
  • Consider using a composting toilet to reduce impact on your septic system.
  • Never put non-biodegradable products or harsh chemicals down drains.
  • Make it a point to buy environmentally friendly products to use around any property near the water.
  • Use phosphate free detergents for your dishwasher and clothes washer.
  • Always remember…. you vote with your money every time you buy something. Think and buy wisely. Choose products that are best for the environment… most often those that are the least damaging or wasteful.
  • Speak up and regularly make your views and wishes known, to members of our Municipal Council and the rest of our community.
  • Join a group like the Callander Sustainable Community Committee and actively improve our community’s natural environment. Your participation helps maintain and enhance the quality of life, now and into the future.
Municipality of Callander 705-752-1410
North Bay District Ministry of Natural Resources 705-475-5550
North Bay – Mattawa Conservation Authority 705-474-5420
Ministry of the Environment – 705-497-6585
North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit 705-474-1400

This information has been prepared as a guide only. Please contact the appropriate authorities prior to any works on your property to ensure that rules and regulations are interpreted appropriately for your individual circumstances.